Your wedding done your way.

From the subtle tones of orchestral music hovering over your guests as you walk down the isle, high-energy introductions, subtle slow dances and everything in between, we create the feelings and mood that are just right for your wedding day. We promise to help take the stress out of your wedding day by bringing our experience and professionalism to make it so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Musical Experience

Much more than a playlist!

Our entertainers are hand picked to have a vast background of musical knowledge that allows them to read the crowd at your event keeping people entertained and on the dance floor. It's all about finding balance with us at Crisp Entertainment, and for music that balance comes from knowing when to play the music that gets both young and old guests dancing and enjoying themselves together. It's that balance which lets you enjoy the day just as much as your guests!

We Play All Types of Music

  • Classic Rock
  • Oldies
  • Classical
  • Hip-Hop/RnB/Rap
  • Top 40
  • and everything in between!

Looking for Live Entertainment like a band or maybe a crossover?

We work with several bands in Key West, the Florida Keys, and up to Miami that are professional and specialize in wedding entertainment! We can work with the band and you to create a night filled with live entertainment, pumping dance tunes, and all out fun! When booking a band with us there's no stress we provide the sound system as well as everything the band needs to setup and have a great performance at your big day!

Why Book a band and a DJ?

  • Song selection is greatly expanded!
  • Tailored DJ music set while the band takes breaks!
  • Longer music play times!
  • Easier to extend your reception to an after party!
  • An absolutely memorable experience!

Professional Equipment

Quality Matters

Crisp and clear sound is what we are all about! Our equipment is the highest quality professional gear from some of the best and biggest names in the sound and music industry. We are able to outfit your wedding with the exact right amount of gear that will make you and your guests comfortable in any seat and at every volume level! Not only is our equipment top of the line from companies like L'Acoustics, Bose, QSC, Sennheiser, Chauvet and more; but we are also professional sound engineers that will find the "sweet spot" in your room to make the music feel just right!

We want to make sure you and your guests get the best sound experience possible. We will always have the right equipment for your main venue room, and can bring extra speakers and sound systems upon request for outdoor seating areas, cocktail lounges, etc ask us for a quote!

Our top trusted brands

  • L'Acoustics
  • Bose
  • QSC
  • Chauvet Lighting
  • Sennheiser
  • Numark
  • Ultimate Support

Architectural & Up Lighting

Make your wedding positively glow

Walk into your wedding venue awash in vibrant colors accenting your center pieces, decorations and even your bridesmaid's dresses. Our customized up lighting and architectural lighting skills help us make your wedding venue truly look right out of a dream.

Up lighting (professionally known as architectural lighting) has taken off in the past few wedding seasons, and because of this we always offer at least head table lighting. Ask us about up lighting add-on's and packages!

  • Column LightsColumn style up lighting on actual columns! Each column supports two points of up light to make it positively glow!
  • Symmetrical ColumnsColumns placed in symmetrical locations around the room set to the same color matching centerpieces.
  • A View from AboveColumn lights with alternating colors to match the wedding's decor.
  • A mixtureMixing wash technique and column technique to light the head table and back dressing.
  • Columns Everywhere!Another view of the columns lit from the front. During the day they stood out, at night they were radiant!
  • Lighting for LoveLighting can help paint the mood of an event. Use it effectively to create intimate moments.
  • Colorful Cocktails!Spice things up later in the night! our custom lighting dances with you changing color and accents to make your expierence unique!
  • Sorround yourself!Your wedding should be a wonderland of color, sound and fun! Let us make it the best it can be!

Unique Add-ons & Features

Personalized Monograms

Video Projection

Dance Choreography

Crisp Smiles Photo Booth

Our Simple Choice Package

Our goal is to take a day that can be already very stressful, and make it as simple, exciting, and fun as it can be! That's why, unlike many other entertainment services, we offer a singular simple choice package that includes everything you'll want and need for your big day!